IBISWorld and E-book Revenue Estimates for 2012

Today I was reviewing IBISWorld‘s industry report for Book Publishing in the US (published in September 2011) and discovered a discrepancy in their estimates for e-book revenues in 2011. Being a long-time fan of IBISWorld and their industry reports, I was particularly proud of myself for spotting the error and promptly brought it to their attention. I emailed their Client Support address to let them know, where I heard back from Lauren — a very friendly and helpful Client Relations Manager (yes, IBISWorld, give her a raise).

Anyway — long story short — in response, they provided me with a sneak-peak at their e-book revenue estimates for 2012.

They estimate that e-book sales will account for 15.3% of industry revenues in 2012.  They also project e-books sales to expand at an annualized rate of 10.3% to account for 22.9% of industry revenues by 2017 (or $6.7 billion).


If you would like any more information, be sure to buy IBISWorld‘s report when it comes out, or see my post about Four Trends in the Book Publishing Industry.