JCPenny’s Re-branding Efforts are Looking GOOD!

For the last two Sundays, the Tampa Bay Times has delivered a surprise with each newspaper — and no, it doesn’t have to do with their recent name change.

JCPenny’s new advertising campaign is bringing a fresh, new look to an old department store.

In January, JCPenny aired an awful teaser commercial, which left me expecting the worst. Not only has the new campaign defied my expectations, it has far exceeded them!

The new look is a simple, yet vibrant. The colors pop on the pages and draw attention, not just to the products, but to the brand itself. So far all of the efforts have been focused on the change that February brings. Much like the change JCPenny is trying to create. It’s an excellent example of how a department store can refresh and revitalize their marketing and communication efforts.

In addition to the print advertisements, they have integrated the campaign to include broadcast and social aspects. My favorite being their new YouTube channel.

We, in the marketing field, know that re-branding efforts are the hardest to do, since the marketer is not just trying to develop perceptions, but is challenged to change them.

The execution of their new agency, Peterson Milla Hooks, has been brilliant. However, I’m worried that the stores will not be able to match the expectations set by the advertising. This last weekend, I passed by the JCPenny in St. Petersburg, Florida and they still have not changed the signage outside the store to match the new branding. I haven’t been inside just yet, but I would hope that the point-of-sale communications match that of the campaign.

Let’s hope they can let the fresh air into their stores, and successfully re-brand JCPenny as our favorite department store.

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