OverDrive E-Book Lending Up in 2011

A few weeks ago, OverDrive — a leading distributor of e-books and audio books — announced that 1.6 billion book and title catalog pages were viewed on OverDrive powered ‘Virtual Branch’ websites in 2011. This is an increase of 130% from 2010.

OverDrive also announced a few other increasing statistics:

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IBISWorld and E-book Revenue Estimates for 2012

Today I was reviewing IBISWorld‘s industry report for Book Publishing in the US (published in September 2011) and discovered a discrepancy in their estimates for e-book revenues in 2011. Being a long-time fan of IBISWorld and their industry reports, I was particularly proud of myself for spotting the error and promptly brought it to their attention. I emailed their Client Support address to let them know, where I heard back from Lauren — a very friendly and helpful Client Relations Manager (yes, IBISWorld, give her a raise).

Anyway — long story short — in response, they provided me with a sneak-peak at their e-book revenue estimates for 2012.

They estimate that e-book sales will account for 15.3% of industry revenues in 2012.  They also project e-books sales to expand at an annualized rate of 10.3% to account for 22.9% of industry revenues by 2017 (or $6.7 billion).


If you would like any more information, be sure to buy IBISWorld‘s report when it comes out, or see my post about Four Trends in the Book Publishing Industry.

Four Trends in the Book Publishing Industry

Being the self-proclaimed nerd that I am, I have a strange fascination with IBISWorld and their industry reports. This last weekend I was doing some research into the book publishing industry for a project that I am working on with my good friend, S.M. Boyce. I found it fascinating the magnitude in which Internet and new technologies are helping, and hurting, the publishing industry.

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